Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd celebrates Silver Jubilee; launches new Brand Logos


At their 25th year Celebrations, KKEL also Announced Inclusion of Technology in Curriculum

by Prashant Kapadia/NHN

Mumbai, 2018: Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd., founded by Ms. Lina Ashar in 1993, commemorated the completion of 25 years in the Education industry at a celebratory event held recently in Mumbai. To celebrate this memorable milestone, the event was centered on two of the most important elements of the Franchise – their students and partners – via performances by children of Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High International School and awards over various categories, for their partners.

Ms. Lina Ashar, a global pioneer in the field of Entrepreneurship and Education, took the gathering through a nostalgic journey of how KKEL, as a franchise, has bloomed and expanded from a single-room preschool to 100+ preschools and schools across India, Maldives, Dubai and Middle East, along with further national and international expansion(s) in the pipeline.

The performances by the students of KK and BHIS were loved and enjoyed by the attendees. Amongst the awardees were partners from Billabong High International School Bhopal, Noida, Hyderabad and Kanpur won awards for the categories of Best School Partner for ‘Culture and Philosophy’, ‘Embracing inclusion’, ‘Diligence in education’ and ‘Legacy and Overall Excellence’ respectively.

Kangaroo Kids International Preschool also had several winning partners such as Kangaroo Kids Maldives, Banjara Hills (Hyderabad) and Chord Road, Bengaluru, who received awards for the categories of Best Preschool Partner for ‘Educational Transformation’, ‘Legacy and overall Excellence’ and ‘Diligence in Execution’ respectively.

Also, Drum Café wowed the gathering with their interactive and participative drumming session which involved the entire audience creating music with the help of drums.

The highlight of the event came in the form of the launch of new logos for both Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High International School, with new ideologies in place –

  • Kangaroo Kids Intl Preschool – ‘The Learning Adventure’ –

Given that a Preschool is the start of a child’s journey into the world, leaving the security of their homes for the first time, it is a scary and intimidating experience for them and an emotional time for parents. The concept of Kangaroo Kids is the most fun and exciting place for toddlers to begin their life adventure, so the transition from home to school becomes faster, easier and eagerly anticipated by both child and parents. Here, learning is centered on children and their personal needs. It’s crafted with passion and delivered with energy and enthusiasm and this is reflected via the new logo.

  • Billabong High Intl School – Where you find your North Star

In an ever-evolving world, the pressure to succeed is increasing by the day. Schools today continue to be obsessed with a narrow definition of success—with standardized testing, ranking, comparison and competition. The focus is on achieving better outcomes rather than getting kids to love learning and using a one-size-fits-all approach. At Billabong, success is defined by finding our personal potential and purpose beyond the standard markers for proficiency. For us, helping each child to know themselves better, unlock their own unique strengths, and hone their skills, is a daily commitment and that is the backbone of BHIS’s new logo as well.

According to Ms. Lina Ashar, change is always uncomfortable in the first place but with the observance and engagement during the process and outcome, the love for KKEL’s new identities continues to grow manifold.  “It has truly been a rollercoaster journey and needless to say, we’re all very proud of having accomplished so much and reached so far, with many more milestones to cover and move beyond. The event was a grand success and we celebrated all those who have been a part of our Organization. It is our constant endeavor to provide the best quality of education, both theoretical and practical knowledge, for our children. As an organization, KKEL is one of India’s leading players in the Education Industry, for which we have our students, parents, staff and partners to thank for” said Ms. Lina Ashar. Speaking about their future plans, Mr. Seshasai KVS, CEO of KKEL, said that KKEL was looking to expand rapidly to strengthen its leadership position in the education sector with franchise preschools and partner K12 schools across India and international geographies.  “We’re looking to increase the reach of our quality education so as to ensure that more and more children get a strong platform right from the beginning of their educational journey. We have also begun to integrate Technology in our schools on a larger scale with the Skippytech pre-school app and the Billabox learning management system for our Grade1-8 children, so that our children can use it to enhance their capabilities and learn at their own pace. Our new identities also signify a rethink– not just superficial but from deep within, of who we are, as an Organization and what value we will deliver to our children, parents and partners in the coming years.. ” he said.

About KKEL: Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd. is a fully-integrated education service provider supporting a network of owned and franchisee schools. KKEL owned, Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High International Schools, have initiated a movement that has changed the face of pre-school and high-school education in India. The educational institutions follow the concept of ‘Topic based Learning’ which gives equal importance to theory as well as its practical arena. KKEL’s revolutionary model of Education is imparted at over 100+ schools and pre-schools across India and international waters as well.

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