Zippo lighters from William Penn: Light it up

by Prashant Kapadia/NHN

Zippo has introduced with their all new genuine windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo “click”. With all metal bodies and 100% real wood emblem these windproof design work virtually anywhere and everywhere. Made in USA these Zippo lighters come with a lifetime guarantee that “it works or we fix it free”.

High Polish Blue – Deep Carve

Deep carve and Multi-Cut treatments are prominent on this lighter, adding even more vibrant flashes of color. This Armor® High Polish Blue lighter has been deep carved on the front and back sides, creating an elegant jacquard diamond pattern.

 Zippo Lighter Gray Iced -Color Image (AC/DC)

For all Rock music fans out there. AC/DC is “Back In Black” and on fire. The initials are of a semi-transparent signature gloss on a black matte textured lighter.  So let the heat rock on!

High Polish Black Ice-(Jack Daniels)

Enjoy the drink of a lifetime in the form of a lighter. Jack Daniel’s the old number 7. This Classic Tenesse drink finds itself on the back of black lighter with white engravings and showcases the nostalgia.

Black Matte-Laser Engrave(Rlyeh)

The lost city documented in H.P Lovecraft’s short story ‘Call of the Cthulu” finds itself on the back of a Zippo lighter. The laser engraving shows a scary Octopus like figure with giant tentacles as well as ancient symbols.

 Antique Silver Plate – Deep Carve–(James Bond 007)

Bond, James Bond, 007,- This 007 deep carve design on an Armor® Antique Silver Plate lighter allows anyone with a good taste to carry a bit of Bond’s mystique and feel like a real 007 agent.

Check out the full collection at: https://www.williampenn.net/brands/featured-brands/zippo.html

About William Penn: William Penn, the purveyor of premium writing instruments & men’s lifestyle accessories, started its operations in the year 2002, as stationery and writing accessories store in Koramangala, Bangalore. William Penn today has 30 exclusive outlets across 10 cities with more than 20 globally renowned brands on offer. From retailing at the best locations to offering a curated range of premium writing instruments & men’s lifestyle accessories sourced from across the globe, William Penn takes that extra effort to give customers a world-class shopping experience.

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