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by Prashant Kapadia/NHN

Indian delicacies with a Molecular twist, yes you heard it right. SpiceKlub – Modern Indian Cuisine is a welcoming respite from classic Indian dishes ringing  in huge  crowds at  its Lower Parel joint in Mumbai. SpiceKlub whips a scrumptious range of delicacies from different parts of the country. Introducing all the foodies to a stunning range of molecular cuisine is a style which embraces sensory and food science borrowing tools from the science lab and ingredients from the food industry. Street foods, mock tails and Indian sweets are served and plated like a piece of art, which is carefully worked upon by their chefs.

The ambience is relaxed and you’ll find exposed brick walls on one end, plain tile floorings and comfy couches for you to lounge on! The distressed wood furniture mutes the ambience and makes this place fit for family and corporate gatherings. This vegetarian restaurant creates art on a plate & all their dishes come at realistic prices too! There’ll be plenty of elements for you to capture for your Instagram and the food is going to absolutely blow your mind.

Inspired by molecular gastronomy, SpiceKlub aims at creating a fusion Indian taste with each dish served. This place serves Indian food with a twist. The everyday recipes and the street food are presented in a completely different ‘Master Chef Style’ making it look all the more attractive. . .

The menu has several innovative items in the mock tails, appetizers and dessert sections, along with creativeness in the mains like Paneer Kadai, Veg Kolhapuri, Dal Makhani and Dum Biryani. SpiceKlub offers arguably one of the most creative styles of cooking. It also includes reinvention of old-school dishes like Pav Bhaji, Chaat, Dhokla and Vada Pav that will blow your mind.

We sampled 8-10 “novelty” appetizers and main course. The Pav Bhaji Fondue is an addictive, no-brainer must-order; the deconstructed Vada Pav is slightly more surprising with its rich potato mousse (think of it as the vada filling in semi-solid form) and dry Lahsun (garlic) chutney packed in edible plastic pouches; and the Papdi Chaat has jelly-like yogurt spheres.

The paneer dishes are a more substantial option for larger groups. Both the Paneer Tikka and the Hazari Paneer Tikka have six-eight, fist-sized cubes of the appetizers, topped with superbly executed coriander and chilli foam. The mains are good enough to entice you to return once the novelty wears off. We loved the grease-free Veg Dum Biryani, not just for its large serving size but also for its flavorful preparation of many root veggies.

Be it the Bombay Pav Bhaji Fondue, the Gujarati Deconstructed Dhokla, the Delhi Papdi Chaat or the Northern Chole Kulcha, each creation is a masterpiece created to delight your taste buds. Not to miss out on the sinful desserts that come in never seen before avatars – Gulab Jamun Tart – all the goodness of your Gulab Jamun baked to perfection in a tart, Bubbling Kulfi – served in an open mouth jar with a dry ice bottom along with the number of toppings such as blueberry, chocolate and caramel and Chocolate Soap Bar – to name a few!

The dishes are presented in an extra-ordinary fashion that involves test-tubes, syringes, beakers, dry ice and several other unusual vessels and elements with this unique take on a confluence of traditional favorites. SpiceKlub has made its mark in Mumbai as a restaurant and is ready to create the same in the newly launched as well that serves novelty food. We assure your experience with them will take you down the memory lane and create an everlasting love for food with their modern Indian cuisine.

But one of the best desert, out of all their delicious offerings, would definitely be the Bubbling Kulfi. This dessert delicacy is unlike any other we’ve ever tasted. The Bubbling Kulfi is a no-brainer, must-order after you’re done with your starters and mains!

This exotic Kulfi is served frozen in a glass bowl with liquefied nitrogen. The utterly frozen kulfi morsels are served with 5 different kinds of accompaniments like Rabadi, Rose “Caviar”, chocolate, Caramel and so on!  This is one of the best places I have ever been with such a awesome menu with most innovative and unique presentation I have ever seen.

All of these factors make SpiceKlub an absolute must visit in Mumbai. The novelty of the food alone makes it worth, the taste is an absolute bonus.

The perfect combination of uniqueness and wonderful taste = SpiceKlub

Ratings :

Staff : 4.5/ 5

Ambience 4/5

Food & Presentation : 5/5

OverallExperience : 4.9/5

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