SleepyCat, India’s First Mattress-In-A-Box Company, Donates Beds to the NGO, Baale Mane

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by Prashant Kapadia/NHN

Bengaluru: SleepyCat, India’s first Mattress-in-a-box company, completed the another phase of its CSR activity through a donation drive at Baale Mane Trust, a Bengaluru-based NGO. The company donated a mattress to each child at Baale Mane, an NGO who run a home for disadvantaged and abandoned girl children.

SleepyCat, founded in August 2017, has promised to donate one mattress for every 10 mattress sold. For the first donation drive of 2019, the company identified Baale Mane through a collaboration with Global Citizen, a community initiative that helps bring together like-minded people, for the donation. Each donated mattress is new, made-to-measure for these organisations by SleepyCat and constitutes the best of its product categories.

Ms. Rakhi Sundar, Trustee, Baale Mane, said, “These mattresses are coming at a very crucial time in Baale Mane, as we are upgrading our residential area. The girls and staff are excited about their new mattresses. We look forward to building a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with such a socially conscious organisation.” SleepyCat previously donated 100 mattress to The Hope Foundation in Kolkata, and the Robin Hood Army.

Mr. Kabir Siddiq, the Founder and CEO of SleepyCat, said, “I believe that everyone deserves good sleep. It is important for healthy living. Good sleep in important to have the strength and motivation to face the next day. When I founded SleepyCat, I wanted to be a company that would contribute to the society right from the start. We are really happy to be able to offer these children a good night’s sleep and hope to collaborate with more organisations this year.” SleepyCat was started with the idea of making the process of purchasing a mattress as simple as possible, and cutting out additional costs associated with middle men, storage etc. Its product retail exclusively on Amazon and its own website. It currently offers two mattress versions.

About SleepyCatKabir started ‘SleepyCat’ in the year 2017, with a vision to reduce the hassles of buying a mattress. It have established itself digitally as opposed to traditional retail mattress. It has brought about various innovation starting from orthopaedic support, cooling memory foam and comfort that makes it standout on the shelf from others. SleepyCat, focuses on the four key factors that affect a person’s sleep: comfort, support, temperature and durability, and simplifies the process of mattress buying. http://www.sleepycat.in

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