Relish the finest of global cuisine at The Turkey Project Café

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Treat your palate to their signature Sangrias, Lamb Burgers, Bubble Mimosas and Nutella Cheesecakes for an unforgettable culinary journey

by Prashant Kapadia/NHN

Delhi: Living and breathing in the middle of a hustling and bustling Delhi, we often end up craving for a little piece of home where we can kick off our shoes, heave a sigh of relief and fill up our soul with aromatic food, don’t we? Look no further because The Turkey Project café’s uplifting vibes and remarkable signature dishes are here to transport you to a world full of exotic flavors and homely contentment.

A picture-perfects actuary in the heart of Defence colony, The Turkey Project café fittingly offers a flawless setting for that next Instagram photograph due to break the internet. Right from the lush green plants reminiscent of soothing meadows to charming nooks and chairs to sink in, the minimalistic ambience is a textbook backdrop for spending quality down-time.

At The Turkey Project Café, the select menu perfects a wide assortment of recipes with an effortless simplicity. Not only does the restaurant cook everything fresh per order with love and care but also uses the highest quality ingredients, distinctively placing it a notch above the rest. Some of their must-have exclusive dishes comprise of the Lamb of God Burger – a gastronomic delight jam-packed with smoky grilled lamb patty, in-house jalapeno cream, cheddar cheese and sauces, a feathery Nutella cotton cheesecake to satiate that sweet tooth, an excellent Bubble Mimosas as well as cheese tea topped with liquid cream cheese that you won’t find anywhere else along with delightful Sangria cocktails namely the Pretty Pam and Sassy Stephanie – concoctions that will make you want to sway to the rhythm of joyous music. What makes this place worth the visit is also their Weekend Benedict Brunch, an incredible combination of countless Benedict preparations, Sangrias, Beers and more aimed at solving 99 problems and then some.

So if you’re passionate about food, come experience the art of cooking and hospitality at The Turkey Project Café now and check it off proudly from your list of places to review. As they say, Good food, good wine, good friends, good times – We have it all. Cheers!

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