New Scitron Advanced BCCA products -Excellent for Gymers & Fitness Enthusiasts

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How Vegan BCAAs is a Perfect Choice for Vegetarians

New Scitron Advanced BCCA products -Excellent for Gymers & Fitness Enthusiasts

by Prashant Kapadia/NHN

BCAAs are considered to be the powerhouse for workouts. Packed with key amino acids, they help stimulate the breakdown of muscle protein and improve glycogen storage in body. Branched chain amino acids aka BCAAs have these three key amino acids which are called  Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine, which are very essential for muscles. Essential to human health, these amino acids are required in one’s diet. BCAAs can be extracted from animal based proteins like eggs, fish, meat, dairy, and poultry. Or it can also be extracted from some plant based sources such as quinoa, chickpeas, lentils and some other natural whole grains. As it is quite difficult to maintain a wholesome diet and maintain such intake of proteins daily, supplementing these from a single source is a major convenience.

Either before an intense workout or a good run, BCAAs really help in muscle recovery and gain the energy one needs to be back on the floor and keep going. They truly are your perfect gym-partner. Believed to reduce muscle soreness after exertion of resistance training, BCAAs will make your leg days a walk in the park. They help in increasing endurance and reduce exhaustion. BCAA activates a certain body mechanism that further boosts the synthesis of muscle protein that’s essential for muscle building, making the supplement a must in your daily routine. As now we know that BCAA is essential to a healthy lifestyle, one power food we can rely on are non-vegetarian food. But if one is a vegetarian, as many Indians are, taking the supplement becomes a hassle. Luckily, we now have vegan options in the market to consider and get those benefits. A good supplement with BCAA should have a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine to valine, the best researched blend you can find. So paying close attention to the source of BCAA is a must while picking up your bottle. Looking for products that are mentioned as certified 100% vegan or ones which are clearly labeled as vegan, cruelty-free are one’s best bet. No harm in being extra cautious here.

Not every BCAA available is the market is vegetarian-friendly, but Scitron has the seal of approval. With a strong focus and passion for innovation, Scitron’s entire range of products, including BCAAs, which are available in various fruity flavours come with the promise of delivering best benefits. Vegan or not, no one should be deprived of these necessities as health is the only most important thing in life. With many products available in the markets today, one has easy access and knowledge at hand due to the boom of technologies. It is one’s responsibility how they can utilize it to their benefit.

We have all been using some or the other kinds of Protein Powder for our body. As we all know there’s no cheating when it comes to getting stronger or faster—that comes from training and hard work . Working out has a magical effect on the body, and it is quite often the elixir of life we need to get going. Still, it can be exhausting for  muscles to undergo a strenuous exercise, and that is why it’s often advised that one takes supplements for that, like Scitron Advanced Vegan BCAAs ( Branch Chain Amino Acid). It comes in tasty flavors including Watermelon, Orange Burst, Mango & Cola. Scitron has come up with New Scitron Advanced BCAA products for the gymers and fitness enthusiast.

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