Debut Author Swati Lahoti launches her first book ‘The Wind Beneath His Wings’

 by Prashant Kapadia/NHN

“The Wind Beneath His Wings”, written by debut author Swati Lahoti, is all about her elder son Alind making it to IIT who secured All India Rank 944 in IIT-JEE 2016. It is a mother’s story of ups & downs, smiles & tears, triumphs & tribulations, highs & lows, doubts & beliefs but at the same time a story of united, dedicated & sustained effort; effort which knows only success, effort which refuses to succumb in the face of obstacles, effort which is a reward by itself.  It is a story of team work where each member of her family had his/her own role carved out & played them to perfection.

The story tells you how Swati as a mother played the role of a catalytic agent in Alind’s preparations. Generally, parents do not give the kind of support they can & should extend to their children. Just getting them admitted in a good coaching institute and interacting with the faculty is not enough to expect the best out of your kids.

The book gives an intense message to all the parents, especially the mothers of future IIT aspirants (though it is relevant for all the parents). It tells what kind of atmosphere children deserve when they prepare for any big exam; how parents should work as a team to make them realize their dream; how they should act as catalytic agents for their children’s growth. The purpose is to share her experience with the parents at large which can give them new insights in parenting and tell them how they can be better equipped to provide just the right support to their wards.


Price: Rs. 195

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Prabhat Paperbacks

Genre: Inspirational Biographical

Page Extent: 128

Pub Date: 15 Dec., 17

Territory: All India

ISBN: 978-93-5266-401-6

About The Author: Swati Lahoti, based in Mumbai, is a writer by passion. A postgraduate in English and MBA in Marketing & HR, she has variously worked as a copywriter with advertising agencies and a placement consultant. However, the role most dear to her heart is that of a mother, helping her two sons reach the pinnacle of success. This book is about her redemption as a student, as a teacher, as a mother and most importantly as a daughter.

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