Austrian National Tourist Office Annual Roadshow

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by Prahant Kapadia/NHN

The Austrian National Tourist Office held its annual roadshow from 4 February – 8 February 2019. The roadshow was held in 3 cities;  Mumbai on 5th February, followed by Ahmedabad on 6th February and Delhi on 7th February 2019. Press events in Mumbai on 4th February and in Delhi on 8th February 2019.

Delegates from local tourist boards, incoming agencies, attractions, hotels and travel partners were part of the roadshow to showcase Austria as a destination for summer 2019. Partners from Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Swarovski Crystal Worlds informed the media about the growth of visitor arrivals from India in 2018 and laid down the plans for 2019. Christine Mukharji, Director, ANTO, “Austria witnessed 192, 900 arrivals from India in 2018, which was a 8,6% increase from 2017 and the overnights went up to 351,300 which is a 8,4% increase from last year. India is one of the important markets for us. We believe Austria  is the perfect destination for Indian families and offers everything for the Indian traveler: from culture, history to shopping, adventure sports and soft sport activities.”

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